Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Felix Gonzalez-Torres: The absent body

I really like this photograph by felix gonzalez -torres that was enlarged and put onto a billboard. The bed is empty but still holds the shape of two bodies lying side by side, which stands to emphasise the fact that they are no longer present or together. The inspiration for this photograph came about when the artist's partner died of aids, and I think the impact of the absence of any figure or presence is very strong and moving.

I'm starting to move more into this idea about "absence" and the idea that what is not shown in images is just as important as what is. The feeling that something or someone was present but no longer is. This makes me think back to when I was experimenting with my first blanket pieces and tried to use a female figure in my work to be wrapped in the blanket reading "He turned to me and said: 'you are worthless'", and I found that it was more effective when there was no figure at all, which is what I ended up producing. Also my pillow piece with the text represented this same absence. I like the use of a bed as well, something comforting and personal becoming a lonely and threatening image.

I am also very interested in this work because it is about making something very personal and private become public, which is what I was working on with my blanket pieces in the church that came from private letters and feelings shared by others.

I am going to focus on this idea of "absence" and research into other ways of showing this in my work.

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